“Create the chance by yourself, and change yourself by the chance”

“Over the Dimension   –  Maximize the life event opportunities”    

——-   Mr. Satoshi Umino – Deputy General Director of ZIGExN Corporation inspires all VeNers to be new leaders in VeNtura   ——-

Mr. Satoshi Umino – Deputy General Director of ZIGExN

We had an interview with him on the occasion of his trip to Vietnam for business Expo contest.

Can you introduce little bit about yourself and your role at ZIGExN?

I’m Satoshi Umino. Very glad to see you all .

I am Director, COO of ZIGExN corporation.

After I graduate my Uni, started to work here from 2007.

Started the major services in ZIGExN, such as Tenshoku-ex, which is mid-career vertical job search engine.

Now I’m working as CEO of several subsidiaries.

When you come to VN, what is the first impressive thing?

Energetic, Passionate, Powerful.

I feel the strong economical movement of this country.

Mr. Umino give award to the winner at Expo contest
Mr. Umino give award to the winner at Expo contest

 As the purpose of your trip this time is judging the Business Ideas Expo contest, can you share with us your objectives and future plan when you hold this contest?

To start the Global services from VeNtura, all of VeNers should focus on the global market and business opportunities.

To change Vietnam, Asia and the World, we should use our ideas and skill of WEB to accomplish this theme.

 As the point of view as an investor, also one of members in the board of ZIGExN Co.,Ltd (mother company of ZIGExN VeNtura), what are policies which you think that ZIGExN Corporation can support VeNtura in terms of strategies and financial aspects to be more successful in Vietnam’s market.

The offshoring business is one of the big supports.

We can share the technical skills of development, share the aspects to run the web services.

And start the services by your own!


 From the view of an investor, can you share with us about your thoughts of IT field in Vietnam?

Number of the users of the smartphone and the capacity of the network should rapidly grow.

Also the age of the country which is very young in the Asian countries should be the chance.

The young people are familiar with the web and they would access online to search or know or share some information.

“Life media platform” is needed in Asia.

What are necessary skills & knowledge or trait of a successful investor or a talented executive director?

Decision making skill is the most important thing.

Every knowledge and experiences are needed for the good decision making.


Which factors or criteria do you base on to make decision that you will invest on it or not?

If it is the startup, 3 points.

The entrepreneur him/herself

The business model and the big trend of the market

Of course the financial projection.

IT industry is known as a potential and pretty develop in Vietnam recently. However, human resources which can suit requirement of the field is still limited. What do you think about this?

That issue is happening in Japan as well.

As the demand of the market is bigger than the supply, this problem would occur continuously.

We can’t avoid competitors in this market, so we need to struggle to keep up the great working environment compare to the others.

We need a big potential services which can win over the market, and let the new members challenge to develop the services, let them feel the dynamism, growth of the services.

That experience would lead members to change and develop their minds and skills.

Therefore we need to make more new challenges for the offshoring business, and developing the new profitable services which can win in the market.

In addition, as there is a big chance for the tech career.

The company should hire two types

Potential members who learn by himself by the work

Experienced managers, who can lead the members in technical side and business side

And we need to create the environment that members can experience the good chance of works.

Not the training program itself is important.

What important is to let the members know by himself about the excitement and the enthusiasm.

A little gift from VeNtura with love
A little gift from VeNtura with love

Do you have any advice for VeNers?

 VN is potential market.

You have the potentiality to grow.

If you have a will, there should be a way.

You need to work and reach the chance.

Elon Mask works for more than 450 hours per month.

Space X, Tesla motors, and so on…

He is challenging in lots of stuffs.

Every aspect. Try to make things better than yesterday.

And very eager to do so.

Then you may see the new view.

Let’s achieve the Asian market together!


What is the maxim do you like best? Can you share with us your thoughts about it?

ZIGExN’s corporate vision, mission.

Create the chance by yourself, and change yourself by the chance.

Mr. Umino with VeNtura family
Mr. Umino with VeNtura family

 Thank you very much for your sharing, we wish you a great success in your investment and keep leading us to create more values for Vietnam markets and bring Vietnam to the World.







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